Editors Musings: Love What You Do

The title of this post is definitely harder than it seems. I love Blogging, but damn it can be hard, but I love to Blog. When you love something, the hard work isn't so bad because you feel fulfilled. Whatever vocation you are doing right now ask yourself, am I happy? If not you need to think about practical ways to make those small changes, that will help change the big picture.  About a month ago I wanted to quit blogging. I have come so far, I have had so many opportunities but I was getting overwhelmed and overstretched, so I thought the simplest thing would be just to walk away. Thanks to kind words by my Blogger BFF, I figured out the problem wasn't just my time management, but that I wasn't focusing enough on the aspects that I wanted to do. I started out blogging because I wanted to be a Magazine Fashion Editor, and I achieved that goal when I secured various freelance writing and a contributing Accessories Editor position at Slink Magazine. Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it. I really wasn't fulfilled, I didn't feel as if I was learning anything, and there was definitely no creativity involved, which is what I craved for, so I left. There are countless posts inside the blogosphere for those who want to start the blog rat race, to write about what you love. It is very easy to fall into the trap of writing what you think will be popular, and I needed a reminder that this is my blog, and I can do whatever I wanted with it.

I have grown to have a real fascination with photography and have worked hard to build up a camera arsenal. I am self-taught so part of my bucket list is to actually take up a series of classes to learn more of the technical aspects of my equipment. I love shooting behind the scenes and catwalks at graduate and London fashion week. I started by promoting emerging design talent and is something I will continue to go back to. Once I just re-focused on my passion everything else has fallen into place.


What makes you happy?

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