The importance of me time

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Being able to say that being a Photographer is my job is incredible, and I go into each commission/styling session feeling excited and ready for the challenge. I am also a single mum of four kids, so it can be overwhelming with the constant juggle between work, and home life.   In order not to have creative burn out, or just general burn out, I don't feel any way to be 'selfish' and carve out the necessary me down time. I work from home, so it is very easy to get distracted by stopping and starting little tasks until you look back at the day and feel like nothing has been done.  Here are some  practical ways to actively make that 'me time' more fulfilling.

  • Create blocks of time. Schedule your day in blocks, you will feel more productive when you are clear about the tasks. For example if I carve out an hour for emails, which involves sending, pitching and replying, I am devout to that task for that hour, no more no less. No checking my social channels or other time eaters.  That is even the same for family time, I put on the do not disturb setting on my phone, as I want to give my kids the full attention they need. 
  • Digital detox. For the weekend refrain from any social posting or even stalking. Your mind will be clear, and you really won't miss it.
  • Prioritise.  Can it be left for tomorrow? I am guilty of giving myself way too much to do. Break down your list into urgency, what does need to be done today, and what can wait.
  • Start a personal project. This may sound like more work but it can be a passion project or a chance to take up a new hobby or skill. What is actually great abut this, is the sense of achievement, broadening your horizons, or creating something that may lead to a new venture or clients for your business. You can go at your own pace. A personal project will give you more verve and inspiration to get back to work.
  • Treat yo'self. Surround yourself with what you love.  Treat your self to that hot Too Faced beauty buy, invest in a Spectrum brush collection, or have a pamper session.  It may sound a bit of a cliché but when you look good, you feel good.
  • Do absolutely nothing. If you followed my first suggestion then you will actually have plenty of time to do absolutely nothing. This could be my favourite and could fall under anything from having  a nap, Meditating, chilling on the sofa watching TV, or having a good old Netflix binge. There is always time, it all comes down to how you manage it.
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Too Faced melted latex & chocolate bar //Spectrum Brushes//Lazy Oaf slippers 

What do you like to do in your down time?

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