Is LC:M Better Than LFW?

London Collection Mens street style
London Collection Mens street style

It is my own personal countdown to London Fashion Week ticket requests, and it just got me to thinking how stressful it all is. Having just finished up my last LCM coverage and in the few short seasons that Menswear has really cemented itself firmly as the fashion event, it has been a pleasure to watch.  I have attended both venues in every single capacity, from UK press to Blogger, and as an BFC accredited Photographer, all which provide their own headaches unless its for the major magazines. In the few short seasons I have attended London collection mens, I ask myself every time why can't LFW be more like LC:M?

The atmosphere at London collections seems more professional, thanks to brand ambassadors like David Gandy, and Tinie Tempah. Every one knows where they are supposed to be there is no muss and fuss, and the show starts. This kind of ease was the case even when it was still part of LFW. We all know the drama of LFW, will I get a ticket even though I was allocated one last year? will it even be seated? Will someone have taken m seat? I love LFW for the amazing collections, presentations and celebration of emerging and established British design houses, but I hate all the peacocking before it.

The Somerset courtyard is a great hangout, and base for the London Fashion Week stage, but has somehow become a beacon for people who have nothing to do with the shows but want to be seen and be taking a selfie in front of the logo. Or worse families having a day out, wanting to see what 'fashion' people do. This kind of thing doesn't really happen at LCM, the Hospital club is exclusive and doesn't really call attention to what is essentially a trade and press show.

Do you think LC:M is better than LFW?