The cool thing I get to do now

Day 2 of Blogtober 2014 (the challenge is to blog every single day this month)  and it is an interesting one because it asks the question what was your dream job when you were little? The very first thing I wanted to be was a Writer. I loved reading books (I still do ) and thought, wouldn't it be cool to be paid to write books about whatever your imagination could manifest.  Over time that dream evolved to wanting to be an English Teacher ( my favourite subject) but I soon realised I didn't really like children, so would be too taxing to try and mould their minds. I stole my friends ideal dream job idea, which was designing magazine covers. Very quickly that transpired into wanting to work for a fashion magazine. We all know those positions are few and far between. Believe me if I ever managed to get a Fashion Editor position at Elle or Instyle, I wouldn't leave until I was physically manhandled and thrown out, walking stick and all.  For a while I wanted to be a Fashion designer, but grew tired of that when I realised how much processes were involved in making even a basic garment. My sewing machine is gathering dust under my desk, casting a shadow that is a continual reminder saying your husband told you not to buy me, see he was right.

Now I do the coolest job, Blogging. Somehow I came full circle to my dream which was writing, and now I get to photograph, and write about amazing brands such as Kasun London. This epic jewellery brand with a bite, continually fascinates me. The theme is so dark, but the devil is in the intricate detail, that is undeniably beautiful.

Kasun London jewellery

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