Lagom Vs. Hygge

amara living.png

Just as we all got comfortable with Hygge, the slow living lifestyle that means we could take just that little more time, along comes Lagom.  I don't know about you, but I am so comfortable, I really don't want to unfurl myself from my Ugg giant knit blanket from Amara. In fact I am burrowing deeper, as this level of comfort is right in my wheelhouse.  For those that don't know, Lagom is a Swedish word meaning just the right amount, so essentially everything in moderation. *Sigh fine, I can get on board, I was getting really hot in this blanket anyway.

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The reason why Lagom may be easier to adopt is because it equates to having more balance to our busy lifestyles. In terms of interiors, There is a sense of opulence in hygge  with pure cosiness, so blankets, fluffy sheepskin cushions, and loungewear are the basics.

 Lagompromotes ideas about sustainable living, to reduce, and recycle so think minimal, and understated.   This doesn't mean boring though. Take this LSA porcelain bowl set that seems uniform, but have this cool coloured metallic on the inside.

Which do you prefer, hygge or Lagom ? or maybe a bit of both. Everything in moderation is good after all.