Style outside Fashion Scout

This season I have been overall uninspired with street style, maybe because everyone seem to be too safe, and predictable;  almost like a uniform ( If I wear this I should definitely be photographed)  No one has really made me want me to grab my camera for a quick snap, before going backstage for a show.  I can always rely on Namal from Rebel Magazine to make me do a double take, and make me go ooh, where is that from? just the day before he was bedecked in Kirsty Ward, but I didn't get the chance to snap him, so wasted no time today right after  Zeynep Tosun to do some much necessary street style outside Fashion Scout.

All clothing and bag- Luluyetha Howell. Shoes and coat-Burberry Prosum. Large gold cuff-Anna Dello Russo, Skull bracelet-vintage


Street StyleAshanti Jason