Jamie Wei Huang

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"Jamie Wei Huang SS18 is a collection of recollections, fragments of stories and encounters." 

Continuing the Jamie Wei Huang reinterpretation and challenge of tradition, SS18 sets aside the expected representation of indigenous culture. Instead it is inspired by the real experience of the mountains and the tribes. Listening to the elders speak of their grandmothers and their traditions; drinking the home-made rice wine and the feeling of the cold and wet air on the skin. The record of the story is expressed in the pink stripes and colourful glass beads. The journey began with scattered stones contrasting on soft and delicate coloured stripe, plain blue and beige denim with geometric silhouettes, flat beads and thick coloured lines. The SS18 collection is a collaboration with jewelry designer Niza Huang, who crafted the inspiration into contemporary pieces.
where stories are exchanged. 

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