Made in Mayfair


In the heart of Mayfair I ventured on a retail tour that started at the Burlington Arcade, to celebrate the artisans and luxury Designers of the beloved luxury location.  Here is my visual diary encompassing a select few brands from my visit.  



 You go for the acclaimed macarons, but you need to stay for the molten hot chocolate.  mAKE SURE TO PICK A BEAUTIFL SELECTION, JUST FOR THE NEW CHRISTMAS BOX ALONE.

roja parfums burlington arcade 4.jpg

Roja Parfums

The ultimate luxury fragrance, Perfumer Roja Dove truly has a passion for creating innovative scents, that will make you re thnk everything you think you know about perfumes.

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One part of the whistle stop tour was inside the Vintage Watch Company store. Right now they are offering you a unique opportunity to buy a Vintage Rolex from your birth year.



Although not a brand I was originally familiar with,  I can't deny the quality and cosiness of the ready-to-wear and fun dog accessories. The store emenates a sense of adventure, steeped in their selection available for fly fishing and shooting.  They even offer fishing trip excursions!

pickett london games 2.jpg

Pickett London

Last but certainly not least was the unique  artisanal luxury brand Pickett London. . Launched in 1988 by Trevor Pickett  the Pickett brand is the epitome of the made in Myafir ethos s it has grown over the years and remains a proud purveyor of luxury goods.

Love London, love life

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