Mulberry Style

This is fashion, and it's arguable just as important what you wear to the show as well as the clothes in the show, so even though I didn't get an invite to the Mulberry AW12 catwalk there were stil great pictures to be had by getting snaps of the attendess as they left the show space.  I am by no means a street style photographer there is a skill, and an alertness that you need to have in order to grab that elusive style moment when that person has somewhere to rush off to, but I enjoyed it nonetheless ( even though it was bitingly cold, this is not a regular thing I will continue to do outside of fashion week).  Olivia Palermo was the catch of the day sleek in a fitted burnt orange blazer, and Manolo Blahnik electric blue courts, and was graceful enough to poise for the frost bitten photographers (thank you).