The Musings Of A Mid Blogger

In a couple of months time I will have been blogging for five years. Around the three year mark I hit the where is this blog going? portion of my worries. Year four was about trying to cement what made Adorngirl special and appreciating my lifestyle and accepting what I could and couldn't do. Even now when everyone is hung up on categories and marketing yourself as a brand, I had to be bluntly honest about where I stood. I am a mid- blogger. That used to bug me so much, especially when my social media numbers didn't and still don't match the (much larger)  number of people who visit the blog. I would feel dejected at not being offered opportunities or blatantly ignored, because I didn't have the massive social media numbers that these brands and PR were obviously looking for. pin-it-draw-it-1010x727

I don't worry about that anymore, because the brands that do want to work with me appreciate my great content. It was suggested by a well known blogging duo that if  you have under 50k views a month you should be working on growing your readership, and 50k-100k is when you can start working with brands. This is probably the only time I don't agree with them, I fall short by a couple thousand of their minimum and I have collaborated with plenty of people. The benefits of being a mid-blogger is that I don't have to chase money from blog posts to pay my rent having to turn my blog into one big advert, but still get the benefits of being an established Blogger. Being a smaller blog has it advantages so work with what you've got.

 What made you start blogging?  What do you want from it now?

Don't worry so much about what everyone else is doing. Evaluate exactly what you want from your blog. Is it to become a full time blogger? just a personal diary? or as a portfolio to gain clients and land your dream job?  I started this blog because I was a full time mother and I wanted that elusive Fashion Editor job so wanted to showcase what I could bring with my love and knowledge of fashion. That has since evolved because I have been a contributing Fashion Editor thanks to this blog, the steep learning curve has unearthed my love for Photography. My whole aim now is to be that top model, so to speak in the blog industry, who is  not necessarily well known but the industry  respects, gets paid, and has a job for as long as she wants it because of her professionalism  and skill.

I am so looking forward to 2015, I love London Beauty Queen predictions of where blogging will evolve, and Natalie from Le Blow highlights how the digital landscape will change to further explore the idea of a change of the times.

I have a few projects in the pipeline for 2015, to keep up with me you can follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, don't worry I try to mix up the content over my social media channels.

What made you start blogging? How has your blog evolved?

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