Ooops did I miss blue Monday?

I feel a little sorry for January, the month that came before it gets all the hype, excess and joy, and January just can't compete. January is ultimately blamed for the anti-climax that is Christmas, and this year I see more and more people bucking the trend of resolutions. We may all show the initial love because it means a time to start fresh, and shake off the year before at 12 on the dot, but like a one night stand, January shouldn't expect a call or text anytime soon. The 18th was officially marked as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year ( Poor Monday another thing that already has such a bad rep).

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I forgot to celebrate Blue Monday this year because I am working more on changing my mindset. It can be so easy to actually just be miserable, and complain but I don't want to, so I won't. I am going to fill in my happiness planner everyday, apply more positive thinking, act on them, put on my heels  and makeup  every weekend and be happy.

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It may be superficial to apply makeup and feel better, but it is more about feeling confident, because anyone can admit when you look good you feel good. Looking after yourself is easily the first step over any kind of blues, whether that be eating right, getting a good sleep or treating yourself to new additions to your beauty collection. Asos beauty continues to be my go to for my favourite brands, and this selection is perfect party makeup for the weekend to forget about the week, January and live in the moment.

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How has your January been so far?

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