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On a plane during the safety presentation they always say in times of emergency put the gas mask on yourself first, before anyone else. When I get into a cycle of feeling rundown because I don't take enough time for myself I think about that scenario. It’s so true because you are no use to anyone if you don’t look after yourself first. This really isn’t selfish, it is about a necessary self preservation, especially when life can be so stressful.

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I think a make your own self care box, with personal mementos is the perfect way to treat yo’ self (it never gets old). I keep my box on my desk as a reminder to use one or everything inside by the end of the day. Mine is filled with plenty of beauty pampering treats and an organiser by Ponderlily. Part of de-stressing for me is getting my thoughts in order, making small to do lists and keeping on top of the kids appointments. Your box could be your favourite beauty treats or even sweets. Whatever is inside your self care box, it just needs to be what will bring you a little joy.



Iridescent mirror George at Asda// Clear box // Glossier Body Hero// Ordinary primer, Glycolic acid, // Elemis frangipani monoi body oil // Shay & Blue Black Tulip // Ponderlily planner // Ferragamo Amo hair mist // Jurlique// Emma Hardie moringa renewal treatment mask // CND vinylux long wear polish //

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