Street Style Toolkit

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London Fashion Week has officially started, and thank goodness in a change of venue. Does anyone else feel like there isn't as much of buzz this season, compared to last? Normally my Twitter and Instagram feeds are full of blurry catwalk shots, and slow-mo show finales.  So far I have just seen a few preeners yet to go to any show, but using the #LFW hashtag because "hello, I am  a serious blogger, of course I am there." This season I have made a conscious effort to attend and cover just a handful of presentations, and capture some great street style, and I wanted to show you my simple toolkit, that has helped me do that.


Do you ever get that feeling of 'if only I knew this before!' That is how I felt after getting my Canon 80d as the Wi-Fi option allows me to easily transfer images, and video direct to my Huawei phone.  Through the free Canon camera connect app, enabling NFC, I simply touch the phone screen to the side of the camera ( with the NFC symbol) and they are synced. Through the app, I can shoot hands free and remotely, and scroll through the images instantly.  For something like street style. downloading images on-site is ideal. I can upload straight to my social, whereas before with my 650d, I had to edit when I got home, and post that evening, or the day after.

London fashion week men street style
London fashion week men street style


VSCO has been such a great tool.  Once I have downloaded my preferred images, I make adjustments on the VSCO app.  The app enables me to adjust contrast, exposure and add a little sharpness.