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Sponsored: Haagan Dazs Lose Yourself

As a mum, my job is put my family first, but it's important to take time for yourself.  I absolutely love the message behind the Haagen-Dazs campaign. I have long been a fan of Photographer Adam Katz Sinding and  his portrayal of utter moments of joy for the brand back in July exhibited in Vogue is all about losing yourself. The digital age has made us all so self-aware, and having the need to always be 'on.'

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I have been blogging for just over six years and I have seen the idea of blogging become, "oh its just a girl in her bedroom," to be recognised as a sub industry in its own right, within the fashion Industry. Technically my workspace is in my bedroom, but from that computer, I am able to create, plan shoots, and collaborate with brands. Bloggers are now seen as Influencers, and in a just a few more yearsI predict being a Blogger will be a viable career option alongside long-standing fashion career paths such as Editor, fashion Designer and Buyer.

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