Thank you, Next!

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Thanks to Ariana’s reawakening she has provided us with banger, Thank you next! which is about taking the positive from failed past relationships. If you haven’t listened to it yet, what are you waiting for? I truly believe that doesn’t just apply to our ghosted fuckboys or the ones that got away. This ‘learn from it’ vibe is what we should all adopt in every part of our lives. For me it made me think about my Photography career so far, the great, the bad, and the straight out pisstakes that have shaped how I approach each new job, Here is what I learned.

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One taught me Love

There is nothing like being appreciated for your craft. You and the client vibe, they hire you because they love your style and are open to your suggestions about what will make the project better. Go above and beyond for clients like these because they appreciate that extra effort and don’t take it for granted. When a client is happy with your work it leads so much to your self esteem because this industry can have you second guessing yourself, with niggly doubts setting in, Am I good enough? Damn another potential client said no thanks, I must be rubbish. When you get that client that shows you love, you can’t help but be reinvigorated and ready to tackle the next big project.

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One taught me patience

As much as I really do respect this past client, damn I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I really like to have all my ducks in a row, what is the shot list? what is the style, you know the important stuff, before I start shooting. This client was so chill and laid back it was very much let’s see how we go. You are probably thinking what is her problem? but it’s not really about doing more than one re-shoot and how am I supposed to know what you want of you don’t tell me? Trust me, you can’t assume because it tends to be the opposite. This particular shoot taught me to ease up on the reigns just a little, because it all works out the way it is supposed to. I can’t change my nature as I still present guidelines but it’s good to sometimes work on the fly for your own peace of mind. Mirror your clients energy.

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One taught me pain

The irony of having an awful client is that this is the arguably the most important lesson you need to learn. I gained a thick skin, and I know what I won’t put up with. I have turned down opportunities and good money when I catch a whiff of a bad attitude, or blatant undervaluing. When I was starting out I got glossy eyed over the staus of this particular brand, over the course of a few months I literally felt sick as there were constant changes, re-shoots and actually could you….and I did it to my own detriment. I swear my heart quickened when I saw a new email as it was never good. After I wrapped a particularly awful round I had to terminate the contract. in honesty I wasn’t even happy with what I produced because I was SO stressed. and the cheek? after about 10 re-shoots they used version 3, which wasn’t even close to all the changes they made me do. Never again., My sanity over the job all day, every day, I am not about that life.

All images taken by me from past commission with Millennium Hotel x Chelsea Harbour hotel for their self care campaign.

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