The White House

Christmas in July is still a novelty to  me, I am used to previewing autumn winter when we have the few and far between heat waves, also trekking in the snow and rain to view sunglasses and beachwear.  But an invitation from the white company team to exclusively preview their Christmas selection in July couldn't be passed up.  I am glad that I went, as I only ever associated the brand with those pull outs you get in magazines, and immediately recycling; without even having a flick through.  My messy family and white sheets? I was pleasantly surprised ( I have been missing out all this time)  as there was a lot more on offer. The actual press day was in a house,  it was like literally stepping into a catalogue. Every room was a physical embodiment of those images you pin to your ideal home board  of the perfect home. Lush white gossamer canopy over your roll top bath anyone?

The white company christmas in july preview


the white company

Paper crafter, Helen Musselwhite was on hand beautifully wrapping presents, her  paper winter scenes were subtle centre pieces complementing each room. The caterer was even there to freshly bake all the classic Christmas treats the house was strewn with gingerbread men, and perfect mince pies. My heart skipped a beat at the kids rooms, and nursery, the perfect mix of den playroom and bedrooms with bunting tents, and teddies. I know that obviously it was styled to the nines, but it still felt so homely, and has definitely given me ideas of how to spruce up their area.  My favourite item oddly enough was the cardboard boxes, whether a space ship or house shape, it comes as a blank canvas ready to paint with your kids.





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