Wonderful Things

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An immersive journey into the fantastical worlds created by photographer Tim Walker

To me, the V&A has always been a palace of dreams – it’s the most inspiring place in the world. The museum’s collection is so wide and eclectic, and I think that’s why it resonates with me so much. Many of the objects that I saw during my research at the museum made my heart swell and I wanted to try to create a photograph that would relate not only to the physical presence and beauty of that object, but also to my emotional reaction to it. Each new shoot is a love letter to an object from the V&A collection, and an attempt to capture my encounter with the sublime. For me, beauty is everything. I’m interested in breaking down the boundaries that society has created, to enable more varied types of beauty and the wonderful diversity of humanity to be celebrated. Preparing for this exhibition over the past three years has pushed me into new territories, which is very exciting, and I’m at a stage in my life where I feel brave enough to do that.
— Tim Walker
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21 September 2019 – 8 March 2020

Tim Walker is my inspiration. When I was an aspiring Photographer, the magical dreamscapes that he and Shona Heath created allowed me to believe in the true magic of Photography. When I first heard about the V&A retrospective, my first thought was, about time! I had a pre-conceived idea that the space would be a grander replication of the Somerset house story teller exhibition a few years ago; this is more understated. Expect to delve more into the creative process of the artist. Take your time to appreciate and celebrate the catalogue and enjoy 150 new works.

Tim Walker: Wonderful Things
Galleries 38a and 38
21 September 2019 – 8 March 2020

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