What is a cinemagraph anyway?

Tate Turbine hall clip.gif

Inside the Tate Modern Turbine Hall

A cinemgraph is essentially a gif. but a part animated photograph that loops seamlessly.  It brilliantly  combines the best of photography and video, making you look twice.  I am still getting to grips with the whole editing process, and getting that perfect loop but I am working on it, tweaking in Photoshop.  Knowing that you will be creating a gif or cinemagraph means there is a whole new approach to capturing footage as you need the moving part to be continuous to get the best effect. When I was trialling the new Olympus OMD Mark III I utilised the video function ( shoots in in 4k) inside the newly designed Turbine Hall at the Tate. Se the lead image? Check out the original below with all the moving parts, so cool right?

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