How is it already May?  This year is already shaping up to be a busy year for me professionally and I couldn’t be happier.  I definitely need to be a bit more organised though, as putting together blog posts have fallen by the wayside.  I do have a grand plan, that will see Adorngirl have a re-brand, and there will be a major change-up of how my blog posts will look.  As I have always said, just because it doesn’t show up on social or the blog, it doesn’t mean that there is isn’t a lot going on. So here is what I have been up to this April ICYMI.

LUC Belaire Luxe

April was a busy month of commissions but shooting for Sovereign brands was easily my favourite. I was creatively challenged to curate luxe, engaging images across Luc Belaire, Cloud Chaser, and craft rum Bumbu.  The team are such a pleasure to work with and it feels like such a rush when I see my images go live on their social channels.


Girlboss on netflix

I don’t know what it is, but going by my feed on Twitter, I think I must be the only one who loves Girlboss on Netflix.  I love the characters, I go ape sh-t for the cinematography, the styling and general vibe of the whole production. Main character Sophia is a bitch, and can definitely comes across as a know-it-all and immature  but so? She was 23 and who didn’t think they were queen of the world at that age.

What I respect is the fact Sophia Amoruso wasn’t afraid to put herself in a bad light. I think a lot of people missed the point of the Netflix show, which is all about making mistakes, trusting your gut and picking yourself up when everyone around you is saying no. Even in blogging, plenty of people are like do this, this and this for success… no.  I don’t want to do it that way. I was completely inspired by her grit, and no fu*ks attitude. “Go  ahead underestimate me, I feed off that sh*t!” and if I still don’t have you convinced Ru Paul is in it.


aspinal of london pink trunk

Part of the Aspinal Shield Lock Family, their blossom pink mini trunk clutch really is such a super-cute miniature spin on the traditional vintage trunk suitcase.  It comes with a detachable cross-body strap, but I definitely prefer to carry by the dainty handle. This adorable clutch case is easily the cutest accessory I own right now, and has been a staple in my photography for client commissions.

Kite & Cosmic

M&Co launched their second Kite and Cosmic collection with Kate Garraway, supporting ICAN, the Children’s Communication Charity, which is designed for both boys and girls from 3-12 years. The brand new SS17 collection is fun, summery and fresh with smart yet comfy options for boys and quirky cute pieces for girls that the twins loved.

“The best thing about this time around was being able to build on what I learnt last year. We were able to take the range in a new and exciting direction and I am so happy with it!”

Kate Garraway

Adorngirl Photography Etsy shopetsy shop

Being your own boss and a creative is about taking chances, and challenging yourself. With lots of uhmmimg and ahhing I finally took the leap into creating a print shop on Etsy. The Adorngirl Photography shop will all be my own original imagery available in A4 (soon A3 prints) and digital download stock photography.  I am really so excited and hopefully this is the fledgling beginnings into something completely amazing.

African Animals Safari

African animals puzzle


The George Luck African animals safari puzzle, may be for 2 years and up, but it had me (I am 32) scratching my head.  It wasn’t easy, but it just meant that me and the twins spent a lot of quality time together figuring It out, and creating stories. Jigsaw puzzles are recognised as a way of helping develop a child’s dexterity skills and shape recognition, as well as co-ordination of hands and eyes. George Luck Puzzles are based on recognisable shapes, rather than just plain pieces, with the use of animals helping improve a child’s vocabulary and imagination. For an increased challenge, your children can build the puzzle with a timer, for endless exciting play for 2 years upwards

african animals puzzle