Have you spotted the stronger presence of flowers on my instagram recently? Since the Debenhams press day and gift of the country garden bouquet (avalanche roses, white bouvardia & lilies) Debenhams flowers has fast become my go to for beautiful bouquets. With care and a little attention (cutting the stems, removing leaves, and changing the water every day)each bouquet has lasted the week, and stray petals have made for pretty props in blog pictures.  My latest display is a peony rose and lily bouquet.


Debenhams flowers

These are fresh flowers delivered to your door for next day delivery, I suggest a selection from the summer flowers collection. The Debenhams flowers team have generously provided a handy discount code DFBLOG25 to get 25% off a bouquet just for you, or gift to someone special. A good note to end on is that Debenhams flowers also do wine.