Ummm, where did February go? Time can be a tricky fiend that seems to get away from you, when you are not paying attention. Anyone else feel like January lasted two months?  I am blogging less, in favour of quality over quantity and it is paying off, as I feel less stressed, and feel really proud of my content so far.

I have definitely vowed not to make new year resolutions, but I know I need change.  Even as I write this I am excited, because I finally have a plan of action which I have relayed to my Bestie, and I can’t wait to get started. Here are highlights of my February.

Meetings and opportunities

The Otherist chocolate brownie

Meetups and lots more PR and brand meetings to finalise collaborations, are definitely on the cards for me this year. It’s an early sign the PR isn’t really invested when they ask to met at their local sandwich shop, mere steps from their own office. I already knew that I was in for a treat when the venue was so nice, and halfway for both of us.

  At The Otherist on Broad Street, over starters of duck flatbread, and swordfish, I met up with a lovely PR, where we brainstormed about projects we could work on together. By dessert, I felt renewed. Keep an eye out on the blog over the next few months as  I showcase and review great London Eats as well as how the project ideas came to fruition.

The First Monday in May

The first Monday in May

c/o Magnolia Pictures

I love a good fashion documentary because they show the behind the scenes, that you would never normally get to see.  I can’t even count the number of times that I have watched the September Issue ( thank you Netflix). If you loved this,  you really shouldn’t miss the first Monday in May, currently on catch up on Sky Arts.  Filmmaker Andrew Rossi captures the collision of art, fashion and celebrity at the past Through the looking glass Met Gala.

The show features exactly what goes into curating a Met Gala retrospective, the actual carpet, and an inside look of the party atmosphere inside. Don’t miss how livid Andre is that George Clooney and the MRS don’t stop,  “tell Anna.” It is sorta hilarious, some of the attendees reaction to Rhianna performance, most showing that got groove, whilst others looked perplexed

Pancake Me


pip and nut peanut butter pancakes

Why can’t every day be pancake day? This year I wanted to have a bit more fun, and my new ceramic non-stick pan from Green Pan made flippin’ pancakes so much easier.  Try adding just a scoop of Teapigs Matcha to your mix, to get the hit of goodness to your treat.  I also attempted Pip and Nut almond peanut butter pancakes from their cook book. Note the word, attempted. I did alright, but damn they were delicious. Half the time I was just eating directly from the jar with a spoon. I can’t stress the importance of the ceramic non stick pan, the pancakes browned evenly, and glided on to the plate when finished. Best day ever!

Popularity contest

February went by in the blink of an eye, and London Fashion Week was over before you could even finish the sentence, what am I going to wear? My most popular post by far, in February was when I asked Is it still relevant for Bloggers to attend fashion week? This topic came about because I was arguing with myself internally about whether or not I even wanted to go this season. I got a great response on social media, and I am glad there was a conversation,

Topshop street style


Freak shake in a Kilner jar

Freak shake

Freak or monster shakes, whatever you like to call them, need to be ridiculously over the top and messy! Every good freak shake should start with a good Kilner Jar, Line the inside with strawberry syrup, and coat the outside rim with soft icing. then roll in sprinkles. Depending on how much time you have, you can either go straight in with banana milk, or blend together chopped bananas, milk and scoops of vanilla ice cream for the milkshake. Get completely creative with the topping,  more is more. Then add some more.  I opted for pancakes, liquorice allsorts, sprinkles, butterscotch sauce and plenty of cream.


Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense

Jo Malone Tonka and Myrrh


Top Notes: Lavender

Heart Notes: Mumbiri Myrrh

Base Notes: Tonka Bean

This may not be a new release, but does it always have to be? From the oriental fragrance family, Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense has been my fragrance of February. Sweet, alluring and aromatic, this fragrance is unapologetically feminine thanks to the lavender, but is anchored by the myrrh.

“Both the myrrh and the tonka have a decadent and addictive quality that chimes with the concept or rarity and opulence. I felt that the collection was missing a fully warm, sensual and rounded Oriental feel.”

'' Céline Roux, Fragrance Director


Ashish AW17 London Fashion Week

Last but never least is Ashish AW17 his vision of positivity, acceptance, was the life and energy that was needed this fashion week. Seriously what we do without Ashish?