For the longest time I didn’t celebrate Mothers day because let’s face it, it is not a proper holiday, and I definitely don’t need a designated day to let my mum know how much how I appreciate her. It is such hard work being a mum so I gave up playing the martyr, and for the past couple of years I have given in to the treat day. Just in case you didn’t know, Mothers day is Sunday 15th March, there is nothing wrong in keeping it simple.  I am looking forward to my breakfast in bed tradition with a couple of my magazines and beautifying treats. There is something about reading Love, eating pancakes with my face smeared with a soothing Avon planet spa Moroccan balancing face mask, which is all I really want. My lazy Sunday tradition will continue with a Lush bath, and using the solid Lush shampoo bars, then moisturising with the lavish boucheron body cream.

Mothers day breakfast in bed

Last minute gift ideas

There is still time to get your mum something other than flowers and a card, here are a few ideas I think she will love
  • Breakfast in bed. Start with her favourite foods and treats, and dress the tray with flowers.
  • Wrap me. This special printed photo paper is what you need to wrap your gift in. The wrap me paper is a gallery of your favourite instagram pictures, and mine was a selection of the mini adorn kids, so it becomes a keepsake. Try a Habitat frame so your mum can frame a section of the paper.
  • Jimmy Choo Blossom. Say it with a fragrance, and if your mother loves oriental floral scents she will love this in its diamond like faceted bottle.
  • JM by Julien Macdonald. The diffusion line exclusive to QVC has a great selection of statement necklaces, charm bracelets and rings.