I am very much an emotional eater. Happy, browsing social, bored, sad, in between thoughts as I try to remember why I entered a room. There is a snack ( generally unhealthy) for every occasion and feeling. Is there is anything like the threat of an oncoming summer to kick you into gear. It’s not about being a skinny mini or anything, I just don’t want to be that girl rocking a shrug, when she is blatantly boiling hot. I am ripe for change and have made positive strides to looking after myself. It really is long overdue as  I have always put that beneficial energy in my four kids. I never let them skip a meal or go without breakfast, but I somehow let my eating habits fall by the wayside.

It is so amazing being a part of the thirty plus community, because without it, I wouldn’t have come across Slissie. If you haven’t heard, Slissie, is a new handheld tool to really kick the habit of snacking. It is set to help, by providing a burst of flavour (such as chocolate, vanilla, fruit or mint) which work towards suppressing the urge to snack.


What is Slissie and how does it work?

I was given the mint Slissie starter kit which is around a month supply, to try for myself. The Slissie is a small  device made of two parts ( tank and changeable refill) that will easily fit in your bag.  When you first use, make sure to follow the steps.

* Plug in to charge. To turn Slissie on, press the button 5 times quickly. The blue light will flash 3 times. Remember to take the plug off the bottom of the tank and the plastic cover from the top of the battery before using, as well as wiping off any droplets of liquid from the tank.

* When you press the button down, the blue light will be on and you will hear the battery activating. If this is not happening, then press 5 times quickly again to switch on.

* Once on, press the button down continually for 4 seconds, release the button for 2 seconds and then suck like a straw. To get the maximum flavour you can repeat the previous process a few times, but I got that huge hit of mint first time around.

The first week

The universe was definitely testing me, shortly after tweeting that I was going to take on the 21 day challenge, I got deliveries from no less than three major dessert brands. What are you doing to me?! Honestly the first half of the week wasn’t great, but that just goes to show that it needs to be something you put your mind to. You still have to use your own willpower, and  take the conscious decision to put down the doughnut and just do something else. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity, so once I got a hang of the device, the powerful shot of mint was enough to keep me satisfied.

The second week

I was really proud of myself, as I reached for the Slissie more often than not. I may have still been dreaming of chocolate, but I found that Slissie really came into its own in the evenings. I am the absolute worst when it comes to late night snacks, but it really worked as a great substitute. It was nice that I could avoid the creak of the floor boards, and the glare of the light fridge that were both obviously judging me as I entered the kitchen, waay too late in the evening.


The third week

By the third week, I appreciated Slissie a lot more. It was a busy week on the go, so instead of grabbing crisps and quick cheap chocolate bars at the shop, I had this handy tool. I am not going to say I am cured, I still need my treats, just not as much. I do recommend Slissie, because it has genuinely helped me cut down on the unhealthy treats. if you are serious about  eating better and need help to curb that sweet tooth, this is something that really works, and a good investment in yourself.

This post was in collaboration with Slissie.