Top tips for taking beautiful black & white pictures

Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring, and this is definitely true when it comes to black and white photography. I have been pinning lots of amazing fashion editorials in black and white, and taking away the saturation of an image can give the picture a different element making the ordinary, something extraordinary. All the photographs included in this post are actually my behind the scenes shots of the London Retro glasses for My Optique look book shoot, I took a couple of years ago. See the difference between these and the originals in colour? the change-up adds a new dimension to the story telling.


Whilst shooting backstage at LFW with the AOFM makeup team at Gyunel, I converted the images to black and white which felt more in tune with the dark theme of the collection,  I don’t think would have had the same impact in its original colour. Shooting street style at LC:M outside Topman I feel gave the images a more stylistic edge.  Mix it up a bit incorporate a black and white photograph amongst the colour, and give the reader a surprise.

london retro glasses photo shoot

Top Tips for shooting in Black & White

  • Shoot in RAW & use a low ISO for the best results when editing your image to black & white.
  • Play with contrast as it can be easy for monochrome, or black and white photos to appear ‘flat.’ The importance is in the dark and light tonal elements of the photograph to make a compelling image when converted.
  • Study the image is there enough, tone, contrast or texture to make it interesting in black and white?
  • Utilise your camera and shoot in monochrome, change the picture style in settings to monochrome, if you want an automatic image, but make sure to have the option to save in RAW for better editing options.