Love is never having to say I am sorry… wait, scratch that. Love is letting the other person have the last bite of your food. Hell no.  Love is selfless, it is prepared to sacrifice.  Getting warmer. The concept of love, highlighted in this past instagram weekend project; can be a small gesture of embracing your baby girl, to the grand gesture of a proposal of marriage. Love is many things.

Love Is Treating Yourself

galentines day

I remember a very wise woman saying ‘ you are single, so every day is special.’  I took this to heart, and don’t wait for a particularly special occasion to open a bottle of Luc Belaire ( drink responsibly). Whether Rose or Luxe, a little tipple in a vintage flute with a side of truffles is a decadent way to treat yourself,

Jo Loves Adorngirl

Jo Loves valentine candle

Well at least somebody loves me. Personalised by the Jo Loves team, be prepared to surround yourself with the scent of white Norma Jean rose laced with subtle strands of peppered citrus and soft cedarwood. The limited edition Jo Loves Valentines candle can be just for you, or to share with a loved one.  This is a special gift, that can be burned over a romantic dinner, or night in with the girls.

Love Is Friendship


Don’t forget Galentines! Those girlfriends are the ones who will be around forever. Write them a personalised note, using your calligraphy skills with a Pen Heaven quill. When you send the note, include their own Quill gift set, so they can write you back.

Love Is Luxury

Roa Parfums Candy Oud

Top Notes: Bergamot and grapefruit

Heart Notes: apple, banana, blackcurrant, pear, rose

Base Notes: amber, amyris, agarwood (oud), birch, cardamom, cashmere wood, cedar, balsam fir, olibanum, gurjan balsam, labdanum, leather, musk, oakmoss, orris, patchouli, rhubarb, saffron, sandalwood

Fragrance is arguably love in a bottle. The scent has to captivate us, and make us fall in love. Candy Aoud by Roja Dove is not at all a sugary sweet candy, as the name implies. The expanse of  base notes, do more than anchor the fruity elements, it balances the Candy Aoud which make for a decadent, unisex oriental vanilla with a  creamy woodiness.

“Surrounded by indulgence and edible guilty-pleasures whilst working in the Middle East, I noticed that lovers of Aoud were craving something new – something creative – so I began playing with the idea of combining Aoud with gourmand elements.” – Roja Dove.