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Piquant: Pleasantly sharp, exciting to the mind

London is such a vibrant creative hub, and I love discovering new design gems.  Piquant collections is one of these gems where there is a smorgasbord of objects of character. Every piece is carefully considered to capture the eye and pique the mind, from jewellery and ceramics to original art and furniture

"We work our connections in Parisian flea markets, Scandinavian design houses, countryside auction rooms and back yard workshops to source a unique combination of wares.  We also collaborate with new and talented designers and makers on a line of furniture pieces exclusive to Piquant and actively showcase independent brands in store."


Piqaunt Collections is a 2 minute walk from Limehouse DLR station.

1st Floor, Coachworks, 1-9 Ratcliffe Cross Street, E1 0HS.

They are the first warehouse on the left as you turn into Ratcliffe Cross Street from the main road. Ring the bell marked ‘Piquant studio’

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