Who Dis?

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22 Facts About Me

  1. I am scared of dogs, and cats, especially hamsters.
  2. Much like Phoebe I take awhile to answer the door, because I am probably naked.
  3. I wish I was more like Leslie, but I am definitely a Ron, and sometimes a Donna.
  4. When I was younger, for the longest time I had a crush on Busta Rhymes...why?
  5. I think Ryan Gosling is so overrated. I just don't get it
  6. I live in Peckham and I f*cking love it.
  7. Amazon Prime Now is literally my life. I use it for my weekly food shop, so it has been a middle finger up to the old days of struggling with loads of heavy shopping bags.
  8. I have four kids, two of them are twins, and I still get them mixed up.
  9. My first ever job was minimum wage at Greggs, but it's fine because I was there for the cakes.
  10. I got my first passport when I was 25... that's late right?
  11. My middle name is Veronica. Which I thought was the worst thing ever, until I discovered Heathers.
  12. I was the fastest female runner in secondary school, and represented my school in the 100m and 200m race for Southwark.( twice)
  13. I can be so lazy, this list was actually only going to be five facts.
  14. My favourite music is actually 90's R & B, Give me Dru Hill and classic Puff Daddy over Stormzy any day.
  15. I am a Leo.
  16. I love taking pictures of breakfast, but I technically don't eat 'breakfast' until lunch.
  17. I have only had two boyfriends, one of them I married, and then divorced. 
  18. I am Jamaican.  My grandparents were born and raised in Jamaica and moved to London in the 60's.

19. I had post-natal depression after the birth of my first daughter.  I didn't know what it was and just assumed I was tired, but when I saw it rear its ugly head after the birth of my son I recognised it and make sure to get help. I believe the more we talk about this kind of thing, the less of a taboo it will be.

20. I spend more than I care to admit on Deliveroo lunches.

21.I really don't like to swear, it sounds weird and in real life I basically just f-fing.

22. I have never been drunk.

All pictures taken by me Photographer Fashion for Lunch 

Outfit: Hat Nasty gal//Faux fur coat: ASOS Curve//Boots & Jeans: Next //Clutch: Aspinal of London

MusingsAshanti Jason