Confessions of a Homebody

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I can't even use the excuse of the bitter cold to explain why I would rather stay in wrapped in my soak and sleep blankets and throws, I was always this way.  My home is my kingdom, and I am so content in securing the hot spot of the L shaped sofa ( you know the bit where you can actually put your feet up) curled up with a good book above going out to the hottest party. When I was young my mother would literally make me put down my library book and get me to play outside, and I would look at the sunny day like I was Dracula about to meet his end.  I am not that bad now, but choosing a night in or out, now even more as a single mum staying in ( and blogging) is trumping expensive public transport, being ignored by PR who invited me to the event, and less than satisfactory goodie bags that don't contain the product they actually want me to blog about.

House of Fraser homeware collection SS17.jpg

I can't talk for all insiders but these are the small pleasures in my life that draw a fine line between being a homebody and agoraphobic and proud. I regret nothing.

  • Netflix is my best friend. This is pretty universal, hello please tell me you are watching Making a murderer?
  • Spending a Saturday painting a feature wall, then proceeding to find excuses to walk past it so you can look at your handiwork. Taking pictures of that wall and Whatsapping to family and friends.
  • Getting excited on Ebay, when you snatcha win of the final seconds for a side table. Right now its all about making my kingdom even more beautiful.
  • Never having to worry about checking weather details, and the TFL because let's face it it's not my business, I am not going anywhere.
  • Breathing a sigh of relief and doing a happy dance when the kids want to stay in too and play board games/ Wii Just dance.
  • Actually letting out a whoop when their dad picks them up because I get my home to myself, being alone and having peace of quiet perpetuates my love for my home.
  • Blogging being my ultimate dream job because it means working from home.
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